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Greg Vail has been involved in Church Music as a Christian Saxophonist for over 30 years now. Greg has worked with just about all the movers and shakers in the evangelical community, playing sax at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church for 16 years, performing with every known worship leader thru Saddleback events, working conferences as musician and speaker, and traveling the US as a support player and guest musician at Churches and for Christian based events and corporate functions.

Recording as a Christian Saxophone Player
for Integrity Music, Maranatha Music and Vineyard Music CDs, Vail has been very active in the Christian Music scene, playing his sax.

Greg Vail
has recorded Saxophone on hundreds of Christian CDs and Gospel CDs and is now recording Saxophone featured Inspirational Jazz CDs (Gospel Jazz), on his own label, Greg Vail Music. The Saxophones of Greg Vail has been a vital part of America's contemporary Church music movement for over 3 decades now.

Active in many online ventures, web forums and personal websites, Greg Vail
has become a name you can trust for both information and honest opinions regarding many Jazz, Music, Saxophone and Christian Music related topics. Greg Vail is a Christian, musician, jazz artist, sax player, music teacher, writer, record label, speaker and web developer with a top 10 web presence all over the world. Just search GOOGLE for Sax Player or Saxophone Player and you will see a commitment to excellence that goes far beyond the saxophone.

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/ Christian Musician site and stay tuned for more site development for Saxophone in the Church. Blessings as you serve!
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